Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dead Cow Walking

Sometimes I cannot believe the people I know in this town.

My friend Nora calls me to let me know that the other morning, one of her housemates showed up in the front yard wearing the carcass of a dead cow. It had been found in a dumpster, with the guts and entrails removed. It was not a tanned hide and still had its head and limbs and wounds to the flesh. He brought it home in a stolen red shopping cart.

In his drug-addled state, the young man decided this would make an excellent outfit for a vision-quest. He peeled off most of his clothing and placed his head inside the face of the dead cow and wrapped the rest of it around his nearly-nude body. Blood was dripping down his forehead and the hooves and legs draped around his torso. After scaring my friend out of her mind, he walked halfway down the block, dressed like this.

Neighborhood canines (including coyotes) started barking, enticed by the smell. People who were walking their dogs were dragged down the street to get a closer sniff. 3 police cars were dispatched and surrounded him. Finally, the young man was convinced to "take off the cow" and go back home. I suppose no crime was committed, except for the stolen shopping cart, which was returned (and hopefully fumigated).

Can't wait to read about this in next week's police blotter in the Taos News.

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